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Delta lighting design solutions provide customers with complete lighting solutions that feature tailor-made lighting strategies for lighting projects and savvy recommendations for professional lighting. Our services include standard specifications compliance, color temperature analysis, lighting practices, lighting fixtures, lighting configuration & control, project estimates and other professional advice to meet customer’s lighting requirements. Based on lighting recommendations, Delta will propose the luminaires selection, installation guidance, project execution, project management and dimming test acceptance, and other one-stop integration services.

Integration Process

Features and Benefits

  • Comprehensive Lighting Service
    – Lighting design service and engineering planning
    – Precise and seamless integration of multiple device interfaces
    – Night lighting of landmarks for more marketing effectiveness
    – Intelligent lighting gives finely textured light
  • One-stop service with efficiency and quality
    – Single project management window
    – Professional division of labor with seamless integration
    – Original creative spirit for complete presentation
    – Lower management risks
  • Optimization of TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) for greater green value
    – Operation cost analysis (including initial construction, operation & maintenance)
    – Energy Conservation Planning – Design Energy Conservation

Intelligent Control

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