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iCool Edge Solutions: Roll Out A Data Center with Zero Compromise on Efficiency

Intelligent Integrated InfraSuite Self-Contained Edge Data center

In this IT intensive world with heavy data traffic, an edge data center acts as a caching and data-aggregation point between users and larger data center to ease overwhelming IT loads. Following the growing applications of edge computing, Delta is introducing a new generation of data center with flexible power and cooling designs, quick deployment and scalable capacity for implementation anywhere. The all-in-one design not only provides One-Stop Solution to customers, but also high system integration and reliability.

As the demand for data and accessible information continues to become more critical to businesses, IT professionals are facing challenges and opportunities in their businesses and technology solutions. Delta Electronics India introduced advance iCoolEdge Solutions to relieve the IT professionals on following fronts:

  • System performance & energy efficiency
  • Capacity planning and utilization
  • Monitoring and controls
  • Flexibility and availability
  • Savings in CAPEX and OPEX
  • Compatibility and interoperability into existing design infrastructure
  • Security

Install A Modern Well Configured Data Center in Real Time

  • Solution is offered with best in class integrated UPS, dedicated cooling systems, intelligent rack structure, environmental monitoring systems, pre-planned power distributions and optional fire suppression, alarm, access control and other required accessories
  • We are the market leaders in providing ease of deployment and integration. Factory-built and tested iCool Edge
  • Solutions offers quick deployment in shortest possible lead-time and wide configuration options. Ideal when there are a large number of sites
  • iCool Row is available in two to eight rack configurations for up to 60kVA IT loading. The solution allow customization as per requirement and support ”pay as you grow” concept

What Makes iCool Edge Solution Stand Out

To achieve the IT Infrastructure objectives of a Data Center, we need an Intelligent Integrated Infrastructure solution with all competencies
The iCool Row infrastructure utilizes various datacenter best practices and technologies to achieve optimum results.

  • Hot Swappable EC fans from the front in the cooling unit to reduce the down time
  • Inverter scroll compressor with electronic expansion valve to match IT load throughout the operation
  • Latest and best cooling design to reduce energy consumption
  • Real-time infrastructure management, that allows the movement of resources based on workloads and time
  • Separation of hot and cold aisle for improved efficiency of cooling units
  • Smart integration of all critical components with intelligent energy management. Energy improvement allows for a significant reduction in OPEX (operating costs)
  • Standardization of the cabinet and components design to simplify spare parts replacement and management

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