MVD2000 Series

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medium voltage driveThe MVD2000 is a medium voltage variable speed drive series for speed and torque control based on advanced frequency-conversion multilevel inverter technologies and advanced vector control algorithms. The MVD2000 is a modular and configurable cost-effective solution that provides efficient and reliable operation across many industrial applications. Simple installation requirements, easy operation and maintenance make the MVD2000 the drive of choice across industrial segments that require energy savings or speed control for constant torque loads over the operating speed range.

MVD2000 delivers high performance control accuracy using vector control. The ability to independently control motor flux and speed yields fast dynamic response to load fluctuations and high torque at low speeds, including during motor start-up.

Both encoder and sensor-less vector control approaches are available for selection. The speed sensors can be installed depending on actual application conditions. For cases without the speed sensors, the system can still provide fast dynamic responses and high output torque when the motor is running at low speed.

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