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Having adopted the leading technologies of vector control and energy feedback, the MVD3000 Series variable-frequency speed regulating system is a high-performance product with accurate speed adjustment and four-quadrant operation ability, which makes it highly reliable, user-friendly with its operating interface, diverse in communication means, complete in safety assurance system, as well as easy to maintain.

With an SVM full-control rectifier, the MVD3000 power cell achieved low harmonic pollution, implemented bi-directional flow for high-power factors and energy, and is high-performing, highly efficient, and highly stable. By decoupling control of the motor flux and torque, the high-performance vector control technology used by the MVD3000 receives fast dynamic response for torque and features the ability to output high torque during motor startup and idle running speed. It achieves a more stable motor operation and more accurate speed control, which satisfies applications with higher speed adjustment.

The MVD3000 supports vector control with and without speed sensors. Users can decide whether to install a speed sensor according to the applications on-site.Without a speed sensor, it can still provide fast dynamic response and greater output torque under low speed.

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