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Vision SensorAs industrial automation moves toward smart manufacturing, industries seek more intelligent and high-precision inspection devices that are modular and user-friendly in design to fulfill a variety of industry demands. Delta‘s Vision Sensor VIS100 Series features compact design, powerful processing capabilities, and a variety of I/O points. The VIS100 Series offers excellent 1D/2D barcode reading, object positioning and detection.

The VIS100 Series supports high-speed and stable decoding, and allows customers to remotely control cameras, set parameters, adjust programs, and monitor in real-time through browsers on mobile devices, achieving flexible and efficient vision inspection.


  • Compact in size (Dimensions: 20×20×60mm) and only 39 grams in weight
  • Provides 640×480 /1280×960 pixels inspection options
  • Supports 1D / 2D barcode identification, object detection, positioning, and more
  • Adopts Ethernet communication (Modbus TCP and Ethernet/IP), RS-232, and RS-485 communication protocols
  • HTML5 language for developing web-based operating interfaces
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