Sep 03, 2019
Delta Electronics: Integrated and Energy Efficient Solutions for Sustainable Smart Cities
Delta Electronics: Integrated and Energy Efficient Solutions for Sustainable Smart Cities2021-04-04T05:34:11+00:00

As India is swiftly moving towards realizing the dream of smart cities, the demand for high-performance edge computing and IoT based systems that provide new ways for cities to effectively address the issues of pollution, energy and waste management is rising. According to a report by Infoholic Research, the smart cities market in India is expected to become USD 47.70 billion by 2023, growing at a CAGR of 18.5%. Government of India’s push to equip cities with institutional, physical, social and economic infrastructure for sustainable and inclusive development of cities has been driving the market growth further. However, despite the huge investments and initiatives by the government, the urban planners and system integrators of smart cities face a lot of challenges owing to lack of integrated solutions that could help them meet the demands of smart cities ranging from energy management, water management and waste management to pollution, traffic, telecom and healthcare.

IoT-based Solutions to Increase Efficiency
Delta Electronics offers integrated smart city solutions in the areas of Power Electronics, Industrial Automation, Infrastructure, Renewable Energy, Bio-medical, Traffic Control, Telecom etc. With a mission to provide innovative, clean and efficient energy solutions for a better tomorrow, the company has been delivering services that help achieve sustainable development. “With initiatives taken by the Indian Government, India is transforming into a digital economy There is a lot of scope and opportunity for smart infrastructure and smart city solutions in India. We provide IoT-based solutions for industrial and building automation, data centres, EV Charging, telecom power systems, solar systems, wind converters etc. We work together with our clients and understand their processes and requirements; then we accordingly work out a plan to add efficiency to the system. We are an R&D driven manufacturing company with a global footprint. We invest around 6 to 8 percent of our revenue in R&D to deliver innovative and technology driven solutions for our clients,” informs Deepak Singh Thakur, Head of Business – India & SAARC, UPS & Datacenter Solutions, CISBU, Delta Electronics India.

Powering the Telecom and EVs
Delta Electronics provides telecom power solutions for the telecom sector which include Indoor and Outdoor Power Systems, Renewable Hybrid Power Systems, Rectifiers, DC Convertors, PV Chargers, Inverters, DC Generators, Batteries, Cooling Systems etc. To support and accelerate the adoption of Electric Vehicle adoption in the country, Delta Electronics provides EV Charging solution thereby creating an ecosystem for electric vehicles. Currently, the company is working with some of the leading Automobile companies and government bodies to develop EV Charging solutions and push the adoption of Electric Vehicles.

“India is one of the largest markets for us and we are largely focusing on the Indian market considering the push for Smart Cities in the country. We are going to open our biggest manufacturing plant at Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu besides the existing plants in Rudrapur, Gurgaon, and Bangalore. We have more R&D offices than sales offices and we are also planning to setup a 2000-seater R&D centre in Bangalore which would assist us to develop innovative solutions to cater to the needs of the modern digital society,” concludes
Deepak Singh Thakur.