Mar 16, 2020
India’s Bedrock of Industrial Automation
India’s Bedrock of Industrial Automation2021-04-04T05:33:44+00:00

When did Delta Electronics India venture into exploring the Indian market?
The journey begins in 2003, when Delta globally acquired Swiss company-ASCOM, having its operations in India, which eventually led to entering the Indian market. It was a period when the telecom industry was on a rapid growth trajectory, so the initial offerings from Delta was primarily the business line of products used in the telecom industry. This makes telecom the first vertical with which Delta started off in India and is still the market leader in telecom comprising of both, government and private players. By 2006, we started venturing and expanding into newer businesses, such as Industrial Automation, Display Solutions and UPS. Today, we have established ourselves as a dependable and reliable brand with our world-class products and services across major business lines. We are market leaders in Telecom Power Solutions, Renewable Energy Solutions (Rooftop Solar Inverters), Display Solutions (Video Walls) & a leading provider of Industrial Automation Solutions, Communication and Information Solutions, EV Charging Solutions, Rail Transportation Solutions, Smart City Solutions, Energy Storage Solutions, DC Fans & Blowers, Components and recently introduced Smart Meter Connectivity Solutions, to provide a complete range of technology and solutions that will support the growing market needs for industrial progress.

How is Delta Industrial Automation catering to the current market requirements?
The focus is to constantly develop and enhance processes in supporting the growing demand of the market, which is also, a major driving force essential to understand and accordingly innovate applications that can strengthen the Industrial Automation Infrastructure. Energy efficiency is another big area propelling automation demand and Delta with competency of powering green automation is expecting huge momentum in this space. With the focus towards adapting latest technology and solutions such as IoT and Industry 4.0, new opportunities are being created in the market right at the machine, factory & process level. Lot of companies today are looking at capturing the data at the machine or process level and localizing or routing it through the cloud to gain critical insights in terms of preventive maintenance. We at Delta help the companies integrate their entire solution at the machine, factory and process level to meet their business requirements.

How would you define the strengths of Delta Industrial Automation?
Our biggest strength is our commitment in innovating and developing cutting- edge technology and energy- efficient solutions that understand the changing trend of the industry, and showcase Delta’s vision to develop what is sustainable in nature.
Delta offers a comprehensive portfolio of products and services in machine, factory and process automation. We offer product range which includes AC Motor Drives, Servo and Motion Control Systems, CNC Controllers, Hybrid Energy Saving Systems, Programmable Logic Controllers, Human Machine Interfaces, Machine Vision Systems, Meters and Sensors, Industrial and Medical Power Supplies, Power Quality Products, Industrial Ethernet Solutions, Industrial Control and Monitoring Software, and Industrial Robots.
Our Industrial Automation Solutions extend to a broad range of industry applications like, Electronics, Elevators, Textiles, Food & Beverages, Pharma, Rubber & Plastics, Packaging, Printing, Woodworking, Automotive, Environment & Water Treatment, Metal Processing & Machine Tools to name a few.
Delta is all about Smart Manufacturing. We integrate our automation products, equipment networking, system software, IoT technology and big data analysis to build innovative and reliable green automation solutions.
With robust R&D capability and abundant industry experience, we have a strong presence across the country with 16 regional offices and more than 200 channel partners.
Delta Industrial Automation conducts regular training programs at the corporate level as well as for different businesses having dedicated programs, which includes technical, sales, and marketing. Being a leading player, the objective is to be an enabler in understanding the Industrial Automation Ecosystem and provide the best in terms of services.

Where does Delta have its manufacturing units in India?
Delta has its large factories in China and Taiwan. In India, we have production facilities in Hosur, Rudrapur, and Gurugram. But then, bigger investments have been made in two large upcoming factories in Krishnagiri, close to Hosur, one of which is for the exports and the other for Indian consumption. Delta has been partnering with various Government’s initiatives like Digital India, Make in India, E-Mobility Mission, Smart City Mission, and profoundly investing in India to create best in terms of technology, provide end-to-end solutions, and create more job opportunities. Our upcoming factories in Krishnagiri being among such initiatives where over the next 3-4 years, the production will be localised which are currently being manufactured in other Delta facilities like in China, including non-industrial automation products as well. Another noteworthy development is that Delta is investing heavily in its new state-of-the-art R&D facility in Bengaluru where we will be consistently innovating to provide best in terms of technology and solutions.

How are you coping with the volatile market challenges in your segment?
Yes, market challenges are definitely there with slow growth in current manufacturing market, but we have managed very well for the simple fact that our focus is not restricted to a specific industry. If we talk about Industrial Automation, we have diversified products and solutions range catering to different industrial needs safeguarding from dependency on specific industry segments.
We successfully diversified into processing as well as factory automation equipped with a plethora of applications which has given our business a new domain to explore more opportunities. That said, we are still moving ahead with the positive growth numbers and see immense opportunities in India.

What is the role of Delta automation in the solar industry?
Delta Electronics India has a separate business portfolio of Renewable Energy Solutions, where we are the market leaders in the rooftop solar inverter.
When it comes within automation and the solar business, we offer complete solution in solar pump controller. Delta Industrial Automation is among the leading companies in providing solar pump controller solutions to deliver drinking water as well as water for livestock or irrigation purposes by using renewable energy and power which helps in reducing the over stressed load on grid supply.
For India, irrigation is one of the prime focus where the major part of population is still dependent on farming. Government has been consistent in introducing schemes to encourage renewable energy- based applications and solutions to provide financial and water security to farmers in strengthening the agriculture sector. Partnering with government’s vision, Delta is successfully contributing with solar pump controller solutions that have been developed to enhance the agricultural ecosystem.

Which are the new interest areas of Delta?
We are consistently focusing on machine automation, which is our global expertise as well and at the same time exploring new opportunities in process automation, which has a huge potential to grow. A lot of investments are being channelised for promoting process automation. We have been venturing in different industries like steel and cement, but recently, the most in water segment. In the coming 5 years, we expect it to be a big industry estimated to garner
$ 20-25 billion, according to government sources. We are closely working with our channel partners and associates to provide end-to-end solutions for affluent treatment, sewage treatment, clean water and a host of other applications. With more SI’s on board and tie-up in the coming time, we are expecting positive growth in this segment for the year 2020.
Another segment where we see immense growth potential is intelligent automation. The future of industrial growth majorly focuses on smart technologies and energy efficient solutions. Today Industries are adopting autonomous cloud solutions which will help them to establish intelligent automation in-house. Through this, industries can reduce labour, secure the system, increase the value and productivity of the workforce and make the day-to-day tasks easier for business.

How are new technologies such as AI impacting the automation industry?
It should be a major business segment for Delta in the coming years, but as of now the businesses that we are in is highly driven by AI. A lot of our products are getting smarter and so are most of the processes that we deal in. We work on smart manufacturing by making the existing plants smarter, so that the components and the processes are better connected and compatible. Yes, certain processes will be ultimately driven by AI which is being built over the years enabling us to collect huge data base and other components that would enable quality out-put by our products. Delta automation to a large extent are IoT driven, which can also be transferred to the cloud improving your processes and increasing efficiency in terms of business maintenance.

How is Delta Automation strengthening its sales, service and business network?
The growth of an enterprise is more than just the sales number. It depends on providing a differentiated and consistent customer experience across sales, marketing, and service, as well as taking advantage of all channels and routes to interact with customers. At Delta, we strongly believe that for bridging the gap between demand and supply, one needs an efficient business network of channel partners and stakeholders along with a workforce that reciprocates the skills in understanding the exact requirement for the growth of the business.
We have a strong presence Pan India with 16 regional offices and more than 200 channel partners, where our engineers having expertise in different domain maintain a cordial communication with our customers for sales, application and services.
Along with structured workforce we also focus to host technical workshops and seminars to keep them updated with latest technology and solutions contributing towards their personal and professional growth as well. Same is being hosted for channel partners and stakeholder to keep them aware about latest offerings and industry know-how.
Being a market leader, our focus is not just to increase the sales but equally build a relation of trust with our prestigious customer by delivering the commitment of ultimate customer satisfaction.
We are one of the very few companies in our space in India who have and provide service even at the component level with one large facility in Gurugram. Besides, a reliable service quality assurance team seeks a lot of feedback at the product level, which is then used to improve the product. Our field application engineers spread across India give first-hand information of any product or application issues.
For us, the goal is to have maximum connect with our customers and provide them the significant technology and solutions necessary for business growth.

How are you planning to scale-up business in coming years and what are the development strategies of Delta Industrial Automation?
Delta Industrial Automation is among the key players in machine automation. We intend to grow 20% year on year for the next five years and we are quite optimistic on this target.
Moving ahead, the focus is to increase our reach in the industry to support the growing market. We are further investing in factory and process automation solutions for last couple of years. We see huge potential in this space and will continue to invest here in the coming years.
The industry is moving towards IoT based solutions and Industry 4.0 at a progressive speed. At Delta, we already offer products that are IoT and Industry 4.0 compliant. Our industrial automation portfolio includes a range of connectivity solutions. The major challenge for the adoption of these technologies is restricted knowledge and how the industry should go ahead with its implementation.
At Delta, we are doing our bit in terms of educating customers on the potential of these technologies. Using various platforms, our teams are showcasing what Delta can offer to machine vendors, process industry and in the factory automation space. While it will take some time to bridge the gap with regards to adoption, the prospects definitely look positive.

Source: Business Today