Feb 08, 2022
Sensors are transforming manufacturing practices
Sensors are transforming manufacturing practices2022-02-08T10:19:17+00:00

We spoke to Akarshan Chopra, Assistant General Manager at Delta Electronics, who handles Distribution & Product management for Sensors and Temperature Controllers to understand the versatility of these automation components.

What change do Sensors bring to industry?

Sensors have become incredibly compact and highly portable and their capacities have expanded. Delta’s I-O Link Sensors link multiple devices and systems and enable various machines to communicate to track systems and equipment at each facility. The combination of local computational power and the Internet of Things (IoT) has turned ordinary Sensors into intelligent Sensors and the measured data are calculated locally in a Sensor module. Our Sensors can be even connected to difficult to access and potentially hazardous devices. The possibilities are endless.

How do Sensors aid manufacturing?

After the advent of industry 4.0 and the push for greater automation, Sensors have emerged as a vital component in our solutions. There are multiple applications that Sensors perform namely; detect, measure, analyse and process. They can detect changes in positions, length, height and dislocation in production facilities. They can measure distance or thickness. They can detect or locate particular objects. They can analyse and process changes and requirements. Sensors can eliminate human errors and create a much greater efficiency in the system and promote production mobility providing a competitive edge.

How has the pandemic situation been for Delta Electronics? How has your business changed post pandemic?

The pandemic has created a huge need for safety and distancing and automation wholly supports this requirement. There were several challenges that the industry faced during the pandemic and a lot of the solutions we provided included Sensors. Our solutions like Photoelectric Sensors, Area Sensors, Proximity Sensors, Pressure Sensors, Gas flow meters, Timers and SMPS products escalated in demand. The more generic applications have been automatic sanitizer dispensers, disinfection tunnels, ventilation and automatic on and off controls for public utilities like taps. Area Sensors, Laser Sensors, Proximity Sensors, Pressure Sensors etc., were crucial in more trying times. They served to replace the reduced numbers of workforce that could function due to social distancing norms and helped industry continue to produce at the rate required.

What advantages do Sensors bring to Original Equipment Manufacturers?

Smart factories are the way to go forward as they augment sustainability by tracking realtime output, and automated control systems minimise potential factory maintenance costs. Delta’s high accuracy Displacement Laser Sensors offer different application solutions for OEMs and SPM. Our advance Sensors range offers a pushpull output along with a convenient Teach button option to set the distance. Delta has different types of Area Sensors ranging from economical, standard type and communication type with both PNP & NPN outputs in single model and offer unique features that lead to maintaining lesser inventory for OEMs.

The scope of applications for Sensors is ever-widening. What are the latest sectors to opt for them?

As demand rises, automation seems like a natural step for every sector of business and we received demands from retailers and wholesalers for the same. Storage and product management across warehouses is a laborious and time-consuming process and we have provided the solutions to automate and simplify this process. Delta’s Photoelectric Sensors and Area Sensors are used in Automatic Warehouse applications. With the help of Delta’s Communication type Area Sensors, the storing of the packaging boxes is now done at the entry level of the warehouse on a conveyor belt. Based on the feedback of this Area Sensor the Controller decides the location of the box.

What are the new innovations that Delta’s Sensors are bringing to the table?

At Delta, we are currently working on a game changer that will be launched soon. These IoT based Sensors will be the next step in offering advanced solutions to customers, so stay tuned for updates.

The article was published in OEM Update