Energy efficiency is increasingly becoming a key pillar of energy transformation

Energy efficiency is increasingly becoming a key pillar of energy transformation2021-01-25T09:03:35+00:00

The global Trend and way forward in India

Energy efficiency is increasingly becoming a significate pillar of energy transformation policies in the world. Implementation of robust energy efficiency solutions is supporting in reducing air pollution, decarbonization, improved utilization of energy utilization, enhanced resource management, better security, and sustainable business profits. It aids in energy conversation as well. Energy efficiency is the one energy resource that all countries share in abundance, and it can help reduce emissions while enhancing their peoples’ well-being. The collation at Paris Agreement discussed accelerating the deployment of available energy-efficient technology and materials in buildings, transportation, appliances, lighting, and district energy. Such improvements will lower carbon emissions, reduce energy costs and air pollution, and create local jobs. Delivering on the 3 percent target would bring household energy savings of USD 500 billion per year by 2040. Thus, energy-efficient is not just a dream but an aim globally every country wishes to achieve.

At Paris Agreement, India took the pledge for a 33-35% reduction in emissions associated with each unit of economic output (“emissions intensity”) by 2030, compared to 2005 levels.

India is among the world’s largest energy consumers. The demand for power, driven by economic development, population growth, and urbanization is growing rapidly which requires actions that can meet the future demand. Energy Efficient solutions and renewable energy sources have great potential to address these challenges. Integration of energy-efficient solutions can leverage business and industries to explore cost-effective solutions and integrate technology to achieve low carbon transition.

India’s progress towards Energy Efficient Solutions and challenges witnessed by the industry

India is moving rapidly towards the adoption of renewable energy solutions by significantly increasing the role of solar and wind power solutions in power infrastructure. But a key concern is that it will remain a predominantly fossil-fuel driven economy in the years to come. Keeping this challenge in mind, the Government of India, along with active support from its citizens, started a revolution in energy efficiency by introducing scalable and replicable demand-side management initiatives. The country has not only established a comprehensive policy for energy efficiency but has also executed successful demand-side management programs for consumers and municipal corporations to achieve overall energy savings while gradually mitigating the impact of climate change.

Further, Indian domestic/residential electricity usage now outpaces growth in industrial, commercial, and agriculture sectors. India’s residences, which increasingly avail many modern energy services such as cooling, clean cooking, lighting, and media access, are predicted to account for 85% of the country’s floor space by 2050. There is an urgent need to address this demand as it will put constraints on previously stretched national resources, posing serious social, local environmental, and climate change-related burdens.

India has emerged as the world’s third-largest electricity producer and as of late last year, the country has a total installed power generating capacity of 3,46,048 MW. Being the largest importer of energy and efficient utility of per unit of energy, switching to renewable is the key. In addition to making power accessible, it also needs to be affordable for consumers. India’s energy sector is challenged by pilferage owing to tampering with meters and distribution lines. Power theft and inefficient use of electricity are other concerns where losses are over 20%. India needs a smarter mechanism that can efficiently utilise the pattern of energy consumption among households and make it cost-effective for them.

Delta’s role in strengthening the clean energy ecosystem and supporting the current market requirement

Delta has been constantly focusing to develop innovative technology and energy efficiency solutions to support the market with increasing demand in building a robust infrastructure. Our R&D team is working to ensure that with each passing day, we are leading to provide more progressive technology and solutions that are sustainable in nature.

And when the promise to deliver is strong, the vision to develop becomes more robust. This is what makes us more determined and different from others, the spark of innovation that drives our R&D team for sustainable solutions. We have been consistently strengthening the industrial demand with a diversified cutting-edge technology and a portfolio of energy-efficient solutions. We have a legacy of operating in India with market leadership in Telecom Power Solutions, Renewable Energy Solutions (Solar Inverters), and Display Solutions. We are also a leading provider of Industrial Automation Solutions, Communication & Information Solutions, EV Charging Solutions, Smart Meter Connectivity Solutions, Smart City Solutions, Rail Transportation Solutions, Energy Storage Solutions, DC Fans & Blowers, and Components.

In Renewable Energy Solutions, we have installed our Solar Inverters in major airports/railways, government institutions, public and private sectors, educational institutes, and many more across India. In EV charging Solutions as a leading player, we are uniquely positioned to offer complete end-to-end solutions with both onboard and off-board chargers. Our energy-efficient, compact, and extremely robust solutions for onboard chargers (DC-DC Converters & Powertrain) give us a distinct advantage because of our global expertise. Similarly, in Wind Power solutions we have Wind converters compatible with all leading technologies like DFIG and FPC designs with wide power range (2.0 MW – 6.0 MW & multiples) and compatible with new trends including Hybrid Solutions, with Solar Energy & Grid Storage supporting Power for all initiative

In Rail Transportation Solutions, we have successfully installed the first 25kV direct connected Power Quality Restorer for the Southern Indian Railways, and moving ahead; the vision is to keep supporting the government to achieve 100% electrification for Indian railways.

At Delta, our focus is to provide a complete range of solutions that delivers the industry best technology supporting the growing ecosystem with a vision of Delta Powering Green India. In our endeavor to be a strong catalyst in India‘s growth story, we are partnering with various GOI’s initiatives like “Smart Cities Mission,” “Vocal for Local,” and “Make in India.” Our manufacturing plants in Gurgaon and Hosur are our testimony of commitment to strengthen the industry ecosystem as together we lead towards self-reliant India. We are already supporting the Make in India initiative with our R&D Lab and manufacturing facilities in India. The same will be further reinforced with our upcoming plant in Krishnagiri with more solution offerings and a new state-of-the-art R&D Lab in Bengaluru.

Thus as we proceed the focus is to strengthen the growing demand as together we lead towards a greener tomorrow with energy-efficient solutions with Delta Powering Green India

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