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Power Quality SolutionsAdvanced power electronics equipment applications can improve our work efficiency and make life easier, but at the same time they can pollute the power grid. Rectifiers play a large part in many applications that are growing faster than power grid construction. Voltage and current harmonics, reactive power fluctuation, three phase imbalance, and other issues are caused by rectifiers with power quality issues that threaten the reliability and efficiency of the power supply system. Similarly, power voltage amplitude and frequency issues are affected by power generation.
We need to eliminate grid harmonics, reactive power fluctuations, imbalance, and other issues to adapt to new electronic equipment and power quality problems.

Special Features of Delta Power Quality Solutions:

High Adaptability

  • Wider range of operating temperatures
    Delta PQC series APF & SVG can normally work without any derating from -10°C~ 50°C, which is suitable for most applications
  • Withstands extreme electrical condition
    Delta’s PQC series APF & SVG can withstand severe harmonic distortion of voltage, they can work normally under conditions with THDu (total harmonic distortion of voltage) up to 15%
  • Compatible with diesel generators

Simple and Flexible Application

  • The Delta PQC series APF & SVG’s modular structure makes it easy for installation, maintenance and capacity expansion.
  • APF & SVG modules can be embedded in Delta’s standard cabinets or third-party cabinets, making it possible to customize cabinets for special requirements.

Excellent Compensation Capability

  • Delta’s PQC series APF & SVG applies 3-level inverter topology and up to 60 kHz switching frequency, which provide excellent power quality compensation accuracy, response speed and output ability.

High Reliability

  • Module redundancy technology
  • Intelligent air cooling technology
  • Top brand electronic components
  • Advanced production technology

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