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Delta is committed to developing cutting-edge building automation devices by leveraging the latest technologies that optimize building performance with efficient management. To build a seamless building management platform, Delta offers a broad range of building automation products, from building management software to building control, high-efficiency LED drivers and luminaires for smart lighting solutions and intelligent video surveillance technologies for better building performance and operation efficiency. In recent years, four quality companies have joined Delta Group, including LOYTEC, Delta Controls, VIVOTEK and Amerlux, which have many years of technical experience and complete sales channels in building control management systems, smart surveillance and security and high-end professional lighting. This has enabled Delta to achieve breakthroughs in integrated key infrastructure technologies such as integrated HVAC, lighting control, as well as smart surveillance and access control. Delta is actively integrating its sales resources with the four new subsidiaries’ business platforms to accelerate business growth.

Delta’s subsidiaries Delta Controls and LOYTEC have leading building automation technologies, and provide a wide range of building management and control products with multi-protocol support. This includes building management software with an intuitive user interface, programmable controllers, gateways, touch panels, lighting controllers, and room controllers, that fulfill the demands of building automation in commercial buildings, airports, hotels, shopping malls and more. VIVOTEK Inc. has become a leading brand in the global IP surveillance industry and aspires to become the Eye in IoT. It provides comprehensive solutions including network cameras, video servers, network video recorders, PoE solutions, and video management software. The New Jersey-based Amerlux is a leading brand of architectural LED lighting solutions. The company offers innovative high-end indoor and outdoor luminaires with a focus on lighting quality, energy efficiency and aesthetics. The company has fostered long-lasting relationships with global customers in a wide range of applications by providing high-quality and differentiated lighting products.

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