Bruce C.H. Cheng
Founder and Honorary Chairman

Mr. Bruce C.H. Cheng founded Delta Electronics, Inc. in 1971 and served as its Chairman until 2012, mentoring the Company’s corporate mission: “To provide innovative, clean, and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow.” and fostering its development to become a global leader in power and thermal management solutions. Since 2012, Mr. Cheng has served as Delta’s Honorary Chairman.

Mr. Cheng has been called Taiwan’s first “CEO, Chief Environmental Officer” and “The Godfather of Taiwan’s Tech” by Taiwanese media for his commitment to preserving the environment through the development of innovative energy-saving technologies over decades and for nurturing Delta’s unique ESG-embedded business model. In 1990, Mr. Cheng established the Delta Electronics Foundation to support and sponsor activities related to environmental protection, energy conservation education, renewable energy technology development, green architecture and the development of green collar talent.

In 2006, the Chinese Management Association presented Mr. Cheng with its highest management award. In 2008, Mr. Cheng received the “Pan Wen Yuan Prize”, the highest award in Taiwan’s technology industry. In 2010, Mr. Cheng was honored as Ernst & Young’s 2010 “Entrepreneur of the Year” and “CSR Entrepreneur”. In 2011, Mr. Cheng received the “Distinguished Accomplishment Award” from the Chinese Professional Management Association. In 2013, the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) presented Mr. Cheng with the ITRI Laureate Award. Mr. Cheng led Delta to become an industry leader in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with a long-term focus on energy savings and climate change mitigation. In 2015, he was awarded Global Views Magazine’s first CSR Lifetime Achievement Award. In March 2016, Mr. Cheng was awarded the Order of Brilliant Star with Grand Cordon by the President of the Republic of China in recognition of his outstanding contributions to technology and the industrial development of Taiwan. In 2008, the International Astronomical Union (IAU) named Asteroid 168126 “Chengbruce” to honor Mr. Cheng’s pursuit of environmental sustainability and green citizenship.

Moreover, Mr. Cheng has received honorary doctorates from several world-class academic institutions, including: National Tsing Hua University, National Central University, National Cheng Kung University, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, National Taipei University of Technology, National Chiao Tung University, Asia University, City University of Hong Kong, Taipei Medical University and National Taiwan University for his long-term contribution to environmental protection and for his achievements in the high-tech industry.

Prior to founding Delta Electronics, Mr. Cheng worked at TRW and at Air Asia Co. after receiving a BSEE degree from National Cheng Kung University.

Mr. Ping Cheng joined Delta Electronics in 1988 and has served as Chairman since 2024 and as Chief Executive Officer since 2012, responsible for strengthening the entire organization’s corporate governance, as well as for strategy and management development.

Mr. Cheng once served as a section chief for the manufacturing department. After completing further education in the United States from 1989 to 1993, he returned to Delta as a supervisor of the manufacturing and materials departments. From 1998 to 2008, Mr. Cheng served as Deputy General Manager of the Component Business Group of Delta China, and Executive Vice President of the China Region. Mr. Cheng was appointed as Senior Vice President & General Manager of the Power Supply Business Group in 2008. In 2010, Mr. Cheng became the Corporate Senior Vice President, as well as the President of the China Region in charge of Delta’s branding, and strategic transformation into a brand-focused solutions provider, as well as of nationwide business development in China.

Mr. Cheng holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from California State University, East Bay (formerly known as California State University, Hayward). In 2021, Mr. Cheng received an Honorary Doctorate degree from Cheng Kung University for his significant contribution to sustainable development by nurturing R&D-based innovation and excellent corporate performance. In 2022, Mr. Cheng was honored with the ERSO Award, a prestigious accolade in the high-tech industry in Taiwan, for his success in leading Delta’s strategic transformation to become a branded solutions provider.

Ping Cheng
Chairman and CEO

Mark Ko
Vice Chairman

Mark Ko was appointed as vice chairman of Delta Electronics in 2012. He is responsible for managing Delta’s related companies and leading the integration of cross-business techniques and products to provide total solutions.

Mr. Ko joined Delta in 1988 as a procurement manager. He soon became director of quality assurance and was then promoted to plant manager. In 1994 he was appointed general manager of what is today the Power System Business Group. Under his leadership and global strategic planning the group’s sales revenue grew more than 30 percent a year, establishing Delta’s leading position in the global power supply industry. Mr. Ko served as president and chief operating officer of Delta Group since 2004, and was responsible for worldwide business operations and management, R&D, manufacturing, and quality processes.

Prior to joining Delta, Mr. Ko worked for RCA Taiwan as a quality assurance manager and purchasing manager. His previous experience includes positions as a senior quality engineer at Zenith Taiwan and as an electrical engineer at China Steel Corporation. Mr. Ko holds a Bachelor of Control Engineering degree from Chiao Tung University.

Mr. Simon Chang is currently President and Chief Operations Officer of Delta Electronics, Inc. He joined Delta in 1981 as a product design engineer, and has since served as engineering manager, material manager, director of the Industrial Automation Business Division, and general manager of the Industrial Automation Business Group.

Delta established the Industrial Automation Business Division in 1995. As director, Mr. Chang led the team to develop AC motor drives and for more than 20 years continued his dedication to the field of automation, covering drives, motion, control, sensing, and machine vision. During this time he directed Delta’s innovation and development of “smart manufacturing” related products, such as industrial robots, cloud platform, SCADA software, energy monitoring systems, equipment and data collection platform, and others, as well as provided efficient and integrated solutions for global customers to move toward smart and green manufacturing.

Since 2010, Mr. Chang has received numerous awards, including the “Most Influential Leading Enterprise in China’s Automation Industry for 15 Years”, the “Most Influential Leader in China’s Automation Industry for 15 Years”, and China’s “Management Award”. He has also been honored as an “Annual Top 10 Leader in China’s Industrial Automation Industry” four times.

Mr. Chang received his Master of Business Administration degree from Chung Yuan Christian University.

Simon Chang
Board Member
President and COO

Victor Cheng
Board Member, CEO Delta Electronics (Thailand) PCL.

Victor Cheng joined Delta in 1993 and has served as Chief Executive Officer of Delta Electronics (Thailand) PCL. since 2023 and is Board member of Delta Electronics, Inc., responsible for the entire organization’s management and strategy development.

Previously, Mr. Cheng was Executive Vice President of Delta’s Infrastructure Business (IFB) since 2023. Mr. Cheng also served as the General Manager of Delta’s Information and Communications Technology BG (ICTBG) since 2017. Mr. Cheng was President and later Chairman of Delta Networks, Inc., Delta Electronics’ subsidiary, from 2002 to 2019, as well as General Manager of Delta’s Power System Business Group from 2014 to 2017. He also led Delta’s Video Display BU from 1999 to 2002. Earlier in his career, Mr. Cheng held various positions at Delta Electronics, from International Sales Director to Assistant General Manager of Video Display BU from 1993 to 1999.

Mr. Cheng holds both Bachelor and Master of Electrical Engineering from Santa Clara University in the state of California, USA.

Ms. Shan-Shan Guo joined Delta Electronics in 2010, the group’s Brand Inauguration Year, and was promoted to Chief Brand Officer the following year. She concurrently serves as Vice Chairman of Delta Electronics Foundation.

Ms. Guo integrates the group’s global brand management, constructing Delta’s brand core values, and leads corporate brand communication initiatives, She directs the group’s ESG social strategy and implementation, and organizes Delta’s participation in the United Nations Climate Change Conferences (COP). Delta’s brand influence has risen significantly through Ms. Guo’s endeavors in developing Delta’s corporate brand, product brand, and ESG brand. Since 2011, Delta has been continuously selected as one of the top 20 Best Taiwan Global Brands under Ms. Guo’s leadership, with a substantial increase in brand value.

Ms. Guo holds a Master of Marketing and Communications from University of Michigan and a Bachelor of Foreign Languages and Literatures from National Taiwan University.

Shan-Shan Guo
Board Member
Chief Brand Officer
Vice Chairman
Delta Electronics Foundation

Ted Shyy
Executive Vice President
Power Electronics Business (PEB)

Mr. Ted Shyy joined Delta in 1988 and has served as Delta’s Executive Vice President of Power Electronics Business since 2024, overseeing global strategic planning, business integration, and resource allocation of the Power and System Business Group, Fans and Thermal Management Business Group, and Components Business Group, while continuing to serve as the General Manager of the Components Business Group.

Mr. Shyy was transferred to Cyntec, a joint venture between Delta and Japan’s SUSUMU, in 1991. Through job rotations in research and development, production, and marketing departments, he has accumulated extensive experience in business operations. He was promoted to General Manager of Cyntec in 2003 and became General Manager of Delta’s Components Business Group in 2011. In 2014, he became Cyntec’s Chief Executive Officer.

Mr. Shyy holds a Master of Materials Science and Engineering from Cheng Kung University.

Mr. James Tang joined Delta in 1988 and has been the Executive Vice President of Delta’s Mobility Business Category since 2024, while continuing to serve as the General Manager of the Electric Vehicle Solutions Business Group. Leading the team to expand its market share in the electric vehicle (EV) sector, he utilizes the expertise gained from the EV market to further develop green transportation businesses.

Mr. Tang worked at the procurement department when joining Delta and has held various positions including Materials Manager and Director of the Personal Computer Business Group. He served as General Manager of the Power Supplies Business Group, Consumer and Lighting Solutions Business Group, and Embedded Power Supplies Business Group from 2008 to 2016. Under his leadership, the teams consistently achieved record-breaking revenue and market share. In 2017, taking on a new challenge, he led the newly established Electric Vehicle Solutions Business Group to accelerate Delta’s development in the EV market, successfully becoming a tier-1 supplier and partner for global automotive manufacturers.

Mr. Tang holds a Master of Management from National Taiwan University.

James Tang
Executive Vice President
Mobility Business (EVB)

Johnson Lee
Executive Vice President
Infrastructure Business (IFB)

Mr. Johnson Lee joined Delta in 1985 and has served as Executive Vice President of Delta’s Infrastructure Business (IFB) since 2024, responsible for businesses encompassing ICT and energy infrastructure, as well as display-related products and solutions. Mr. Lee is responsible for setting global operation objectives and strategies and for leading sales development to fulfill Delta’s business goals.

Mr. Lee once served as procurement manager and general manager of materials management. Mr. Lee has also led Delta’s global deployment of SAP ERP systems, which have contributed greatly to Delta’s global integration of sales, materials, manufacturing, and financial affairs. Mr. Lee was appointed general manager of the Power Supplies Business Group in 2004. Under his leadership business group’s sales revenues grew four-fold, enhancing Delta’s leading position in the global power supplies sector. From 2012 to 2017, Mr. Lee served as Delta’s chief operating officer.

Mr. Lee holds a Master of Business Administration degree from National Taiwan University.

Mr. Jimmy Yiin joined Delta in 1992 and currently serves as Executive Vice President of Global Business Operations.

Mr. Yiin worked at purchasing department when joining Delta. From 1999 to 2007, served as purchasing manager and materials section chief of the Delta Electronics (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. and Delta Networks Inc., Delta Electronics’ subsidiary. Mr. Yiin was General Manager of Delta Electronics (Jiangsu) Ltd. from 2008 until 2013, responsible for plant operations management. In 2014, he was appointed Vice Chairman of Delta Greentech (China) Co., Ltd. and General Manager of Delta Electronics (Shanghai), in charge of new business development for the Chinese market as well as administration management. Mr. Yiin was appointed as General Manager of Delta’s Power System Business Group in 2019.

Mr. Yiin holds a Master of Business Administration from National Taiwan University and Fudan University.

Jimmy Yiin
Executive Vice President
Global Business Operations (GBO)