High Power Motor Drives

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High Power Motor Drives Drives can save an average of 40% of the electricity a motor uses as well as reduce related CO2 emissions. Since industry accounts for one-third of the world’s electricity consumption and electric motors consume 65% of industrial electricity in regions such as the EU [1], the potential global energy savings from a wider use of drives would be substantial. For an industrial enterprise drives can reduce energy costs, minimize wear on motors and other equipment, and reduce maintenance costs. A reliable, high-performance drive such as Delta’s MVD1000/MVD2000/MVD3000 medium voltage drive can provide an enterprise with greater energy-savings as well as increased productivity.

[1] “Energy Efficient Motor Driven Systems,” European Copper Institute, Fraunholfer-ISI, KU Leuven and University of Coimbra (April 2004)

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