Delta Electronics, Inc.: Statement Regarding Response to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Crisis

On January 30th, 2020, Delta Electronics, Inc. established an internal global command center responsible for the planning, implementation, execution and enhancement of countermeasures to limit the operational and employee health risk of the current Novel Coronavirus crisis. The command center has developed “Delta’s Novel Coronavirus Prevention Plan” for the Company’s global sites. The aforementioned plan includes a crisis alert grading and response system, roles & responsibilities (R&R) for prevention task forces, occupational environment and sanitization management, employee healthcare monitoring and management, business trip and attendance management as well as an internal/external communication management system regarding the crisis.

Delta’s global command center is led by our top management team, and also includes satellite teams led by regional heads from our key regions, such as Mainland China, North East Asia, South East Asia, EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa) and the Americas. In regards to our employees in China, the Company has requested employees moving back from places other than their office/factory -located city to submit themselves to quarantine measures for 14 days, in line with local regulations. In addition, the Company has tightened standards for business travel and favored the utilization of audiovisual conferencing equipment for cross-region, cross-team meetings. Moreover, all employees and visitors at Delta’s major operation sites in epidemic regions are required to comply with temperature inspection, sanitizer use and self-health declaration. Further measures involve the constant decontamination of building facilities and epidemic prevention materials preparation. Our measures may be adjusted to comply with local governments’ instructions and fulfill the practices of different facilities in different regions.

Delta has, and will continue communicating constantly with global customers, institutional investors, and other stakeholders in regards to the current Novel Coronavirus crisis and the related impacts thereof. A dedicated section containing the most updated information regarding this matter has also been implemented in Delta’s global website.

The Company has also installed electronic signage and other channels of communications such as intranet to update employees about the prevention measures and the progress in handling the situation.

All of Delta’s four main production sites in Mainland China have restarted operations gradually on February 10th, 2020. The rest of our factories around the world have not been affected by this crisis. Given the current Novel Coronavirus crisis is still present, our operational sites within Delta will monitor, assess and readjust their production plans in line with the proper government regulations. Delta will take the necessary measures to ensure that our supply chain remains resilient, including the close collaboration between our procurement department and its suppliers. In line with regulatory instructions, our sales offices located in cities currently under regulatory lockdown in China remain closed and their employees at these locations are working from home.

Delta will update this statement if material changes occur regarding the status of this situation.

Should you require further information, please contact the following Delta contact window in your region:

Location Contact Person e-mail
Taipei Thomas Chang
Shanghai May Wu
South East Asia (Thailand) KK Chong
North East Asia (Japan) Sakaguchi Tomohide
Europe, Middle East & Africa Yalin Tsai
Americas Ruth Chao