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Delta Powering Green Automation

As a smart building solutions provider, Delta provides advanced building automation technology aimed at achieving the vision of “smart building for better living”. Delta has installed products and solutions in more than 40,000 buildings worldwide, and has more than 660 regional partners and customer service support in more than 160 countries.

Delta’s building automation solutions are based on the Internet of Things, and designed with the core concepts of people-orientation, optimization, and security, that are also combined with energy-saving and smart building concepts. Delta provides an integral building management platform to integrate all subsystems of the building and assure the timely availability of accurate data to make buildings more energy-saving and efficient, improve the user’s autonomy, and increase the comfort, convenience, and safety of buildings. In addition, Delta provides the best building automation solutions for different vertical markets and usage scenarios, as well as one-stop customized services.

In recent years, four quality companies LOYTEC, Delta Controls, VIVOTEK and Amerlux, which have many years of technical experience and complete sales channels in building control management systems, smart surveillance and security and high-end professional lighting, have joined Delta Group. This has enabled Delta to achieve breakthroughs in integrated key infrastructure technologies such as integrated HVAC, lighting control, and smart surveillance and access control. Delta is actively integrating its sales resources with the four new subsidiaries’ business platforms to accelerate business growth. [product information]

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