How is Data Center Infrastructure supporting 5G-enabled edge computing

How is Data Center Infrastructure supporting 5G-enabled edge computing2021-03-19T11:21:05+00:00

The increasing role of Edge Computing especially with 5G Rollout Ahead

The Datacenter markets are evolving with new technology innovations and how customers are investing and managing the data center solutions. With the evolution of IoT devices and edge computing, there is a massive rise in the demand for data center infrastructure.

In this rising trend, Edge computing is playing a significant role as more IoT devices and real-time data analytics services will require at the edge services. Towards the end of the year, there are high chances that more applications will be needing computing than ever before. As per reports, by 2022, 75% of the data generated by enterprises will be created and processed outside the traditional data or cloud services.

Further, with the rollout of 5G networks, it will enable new areas of innovations which will redefine the way large data center network operates. Enterprises will expand their edge computing infrastructure supporting the 5G ecosystem which can bring a high speed with almost ten times faster than 4G. This will encourage the IT managers to focus on the edge and the increasing requirement for more capacity and processing power to support the end-users. Which will draw their attention to re-evaluate the role of data centers in enterprises.

Edge computing will be bringing great benefits as it enables efficient performance, minimizes latency, increases operational efficiency, and will make 5G a reality. The business that wishes to benefit from 5G will explore the investments in edge computing.

Role of Data Center Infrastructure in supporting this growing trend

The growing trend of digitization and IoT-enabled solutions will require a network that can support the smooth integration of data and enable businesses and industries to align with changing requirements as we proceed towards restoring the new normal. Post COVID-19 impact there will be a shift in how we do businesses where technology will play an integral role supported with resilient network infrastructure in connecting machines and industries to meet the changing expectations of businesses and consumers. Adoption of 5G solutions will further strengthen these commitments by providing fast and reliable communication with enhanced speed and accurate real-time data.

For low-latency applications to be successful, there will be a lot to be explored with 5G. It is also necessary to process these applications’ data close to their sources using edge computing technologies where edge data centers can play a vital role. With edge computing, operators can avoid sending data back and forth from an edge device to a remote data center.

This significantly reduces latency and enables 5G applications to fully realize their promise. As a result, we’ll see more data centers move to edge computing in order to bring these applications delivering the best results.

Edge computing is also important for efficient data processing and to support the government’s aim for data localization. Further with the strategic location of the data center can help companies in moving closer to end-users or devices for data processing. This can allow the organization to improve the customer experience thus building better trust between companies and the end-users.

How Delta Data Center Solutions is supporting the industry

Adoption of the internet of things (IoT), digitalization of business operations, the introduction of 5G and Industry 4.0, as well as a growing smartphone population will lead to huge data generation. This data will be very precious for businesses and they would want to store, compute and analyze it to make strategic business decisions. In the coming years, the industry will see growth in Edge and hyperscale data centers solutions.

At Delta Data Center Solutions, we understand the shifting paradigm and offer products & solutions to meet the rising market demands. We are working on edge computing technologies where the challenge is faster deployment, specifically in the banking segment, manufacturing segment, and defense segment. Our containerized data center solutions have become a preferred choice for edge computing and disaster-recovery datacenters. With flexibility, agility, rapid deployment, high integration, and excellent energy efficiency, they win the client’s trust for the project & finding success with colocation service providers. The solution offers a modular design that fully integrates high-efficiency power supply, precision cooling, comprehensive monitoring, and airflow management, wiring, and piping systems in one 20- or 40-feet container. This not only cuts down data center construction costs but also shortens the construction time span effectively, which in turn, enables quick and flexible system deployment. Instead of the two-year construction time required by traditional data centers, our containerized datacenters only take a few months to be operational. The fully prefabricated, pre-tested, and complete configurations of Delta’s containerized data center solutions, satisfy the highly demanding needs of mobile edge computing needs. In terms of energy consumption, they offer high energy efficiency as subsystems, including UPS, power distribution, batteries, cooling, and highly integrated racks.

At Delta Electronics India, we are constantly developing innovative technologies and solutions that will support the rising demand of the market and build a robust data center ecosystem. We invest 6-7% of our sales revenue globally on Research & Development, which reflects in our product innovations. Thus for us, the main focus is to offer the best in technology and solutions to our customers that enhance their business requirements and are sustainable.

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