How is Delta UPS Solutions supporting business with Mission Critical applications and avoiding costly downtime

How is Delta UPS Solutions supporting business with Mission Critical applications and avoiding costly downtime2021-04-19T05:05:33+00:00

The increasing role of UPS Solutions

The increasing role of digitization and business adopting new technologies is changing the business environment. Key learning from the pandemic impact has laid the emphasis on digital technologies and how they can support in maintaining guidelines such as social distancing and business continuity. As we restore the new normal the technology will play a greater role in shaping the businesses and making them future proof. The changing infrastructure requires very high reliability, availability, flexibility, shorter MTTR, and lower TCO. The conventional monolithic UPS systems do not meet these requirements and hence the industry moved towards newer modular UPS systems. Blade servers inspired the effective utilization of the critical power architecture.

With changing business environment, the impact of downtime in data centers have gained attention as it is a matter of business continuity loss. Irrespective, the power design is Tier III or Tier IV, having minimum 2N UPS architecture, downtime or even a planned shutdown of a single N feed is a risky and complex task. Hence, a true modular hot-swappable UPS is the best option for meeting these challenges. A modular hot-swappable UPS will help avoid any shutdown in most conditions and also failure of few critical components does not mean downtime of any feed. A downtime or shutdown in a live data center is highly risky and also involves a lot of approvals, which can be avoided. Also, unutilized power capacity can be re-deployed with true modular hot-swappable architecture.

Most mission-critical industry segments like Banking, Software, IT/ITeS, e-commerce, Data Centers, Media, Telecom, healthcare, pharma, etc., are demanding more modular UPS systems. However, the adoption of modular hot-swappable UPS in cloud service providers is fast catching-up due to the challenges explained earlier. In near future, it will become a standard, as operational benefits will overweigh the investment done.

How Delta UPS Solutions is supporting the industry

At Delta, we provide highly reliable and efficient power management products, including UPS and data center infrastructure solutions that ensure the continuity of mission-critical operations and better total cost of ownership (TCO). Delta is a leading UPS manufacturer of True Modular Hot-swappable UPSs, which are the industry’s best in redundancy, ease of operations, flexibility, highest density, and highest MTBF. Delta Electronics invest 6-7% of our sales revenue globally on Research & Development, which is reflected in our product innovations. Our latest Hot-swappable UPSs introduced are the DPH Gen 2.0 series of UPSs. These UPSs are true Hot-swappable architecture with almost all critical components redundant and hot-swappable. We have power modules starting from 20kW, 25kW, 50kW, and 60kW ratings. The frame size varies from 40kW to 600kW and can be configured with our unique Flexipod architecture to meet industry requirements of 1MW, 1.2MW, or any configuration. Delta Electronics DPH Hot-swappable UPS have complete hot-swappable components like power modules, static switch, controllers, and much more and have the smallest footprint. They are also Lithium-Ion battery compatible to meet the industry requirements.

We have a very strong partner network to meet all segments. However, for mission-critical large enterprises or data centers, Delta Electronics has a very strong service network of their own. Most of our engineers are factory trained and we have critical spare stocks in each region available 24x7x365. We have a factory at Rudrapur with state of art facility and test repair center.

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