How reliable Cooling solutions can reduce PUE & improve DCIE

How reliable Cooling solutions can reduce PUE & improve DCIE2021-03-19T11:55:20+00:00

Data is the new oil reciprocates data centers are the new reservoirs

In the previous budget 2020-21 the government discussed Data as the new oil which signifies data center as the new reservoirs. The rise of data consumption and internet bandwidth is driven by expanding social media reach and increasing smart devices. A recent study stated that with more and more companies exploring the digital transformations of their business, India has been identified as the second fastest-growing digital economy and it has been projected that the IT and communication sector will double in size by 2025 contributing to the GDP around 355-435 billion dollars.

This will require massive support from the data center infrastructure for the smooth integration of the data. In India, the data center market is witnessing major growth with the increasing role of virtualization and cloud computing. Another report discussed that the market for data center infrastructure in India is expected to grow at a 12% CAGR from 2019 to 2024. Further, the government’s aim towards data localization will encourage the growth of Hypercale data center which has the potential in managing the increased data consumption.

This is will equally demand the integration of innovative technologies & energy-efficient solutions that support the data center infrastructure in reducing the downtime and enabling smooth execution of the processes. Thus data center cooling solutions will play a significant role in ensuring that the road to glory has less obstacles.

How cooling solutions is affecting the PUE & DCIE

The increasing IT facility workloads and server densities are challenging businesses to reduce their energy consumption and manage capacity to increase the data center efficiency. The major contributors of datacenter electricity consumption come from power and cooling systems, servers, and facilities, and other equipment that supports IT loads and datacenter operation. According to datacenter reports, cooling costs account for about 45% of total energy costs and another 15-20% is due to power distribution and conversion losses in the datacenter.

The measuring parameters that how efficiently a data center’s cooling system operates is known as Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE). The lower your PUE, the better. It’s the ratio of the total power used by a data center to the energy delivered to the IT hardware. A rating of 2.0 is considered standard, 1.4 is good, and 1.0 is the best PUE rating you can achieve. On other hand, Data Center Infrastructure Efficiency (DCIE) is the reciprocal of the PUE and a performance improvement metric that is used for calculating the energy efficiency of a data center. An effective cooling solution contributes to maximizing PUE and DCIE performance within the data center.

Delta reliable cooling solution can support in reducing PUE and improving DCIE

Delta’s InfraSuite Data Center Infrastructure Solutions offers high-performance and high-efficiency power and cooling solutions. Delta’s UPSs support datacenter operation with industry-leading power performance and efficiency and offer modular features for flexibility, greater space utilization, and agility. Our Cooling Solutions also feature high efficiency design and avoids cold and hot aisle mixture to significantly improve PUE. The businesses can adopt the InfraSuite Rowcool series, an in-row modular design, which supports the concept of “pay as you go” and segmented zones according to applications. Its fan speed adjusts to load changes for significant energy cost savings. Besides infrastructure solutions, Delta InfraSuite also offers DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management) called InfraSuite Manager that provides IT, managers, an integrated platform to monitor the environment, manage IT equipment and track the energy performance of the data center to serve as a reference for PUE improvement. Delta’s InfraSuite Data Center Infrastructure Solutions can help save at least 25% in energy consumption making Gold Level Datacenter or above an achievable goal.

Before building or upgrading a data center, it is essential to fully discuss with professionals and set a target for data center efficiency. Select the appropriate power and cooling systems to reach a reliable, energy-saving, maintainable, and manageable data center for your business goal. Building an energy-saving environment may increase costs, but reducing future operating costs is a worthy investment that eventually optimizes the total cost of ownership (TCO).

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