How Energy Management System can help in cost saving for businesses

How Energy Management System can help in cost saving for businesses2021-01-29T05:31:15+00:00

 Energy saving is essential for businesses and industries

For every business to be a successful venture, it is important to stay focused on every element contributing to the cost. A major aspect of the expenditure on energy. Improving efficiency can benefit in reducing the cost of energy and bring significant benefits to businesses and people. According to a report on energy efficiency improvements since 2000 in businesses have prevented a 12% rise in the use of energy. From taking small steps like installing LED lighting to upgrading HVAC, companies can implement various strategies that can help in lowering energy footprints and reduce operating costs at the same time.

Trends and challenges

These are various technology adoption that businesses and industries can adopt towards energy saving

  • IoT Energy management is becoming an important factor for both utilities and facilities with rising demand for energy supply. Further, with rising commercial energy costs and carbon footprint, enterprises are paying more attention to optimizing their energy use. IoT-based solutions can offer useful insight for energy systems with monitoring and controlling that would help manage the use of energy, enhance efficiency, support energy conservation, and safeguard the compliance and ecological conventions.IoT enables real-time energy profile that can help the enterprise detect off-hour consumption, optimize manufacturing production schedules, identify anomalies, and benefit from savings opportunities. Real-time energy profiles allow manufacturers to recognize off-hours consumption, optimize manufacturing production schedules, identify defects, and capitalize on savings opportunities.
  • Renewable Energy Sources The solar tariffs in India are between Rs 2.50-2.87 per kilowatt-hour (kWh), which have stabilized at rates 20-30 percent below the actual thermal power cost in India and almost half the price of new coal-fired power, according to the latest study.Factories and production facilities require a massive amount of energy. Renewable power enterprise can easily offset these costs, which will benefit the bottomline of the business. Besides, since the enterprise will generate its own power, it will further avail in reducing the impact of electricity cost fluctuation.
  • Energy Efficient Solutions Efficiently planning the operations bring great benefits to businesses and industries. Energy-efficient solutions not only improve the process for higher productivity but also helps in improving cost efficiency. (Source Link) A recent report stated that India has saved Rs 89,122 crore thought energy efficiency initiative in the year 2018-19 and further had reduced energy intensity by 20% in the fiscal year. Further, these efforts have helped to reduce CO2 emission by 151.74 million tones.But there are limitations which businesses and industries have to witness & resolve before proceeding towards energy savings. In a lack of proper structure, it is sometimes difficult to draw a transparent comparison between fossil fuels and renewable resources. This is because negative environmental impacts generated through fossil fuels as energy sources are not completely transformed into costs. As a result, the benefit of changing to renewable sources of energy is not completely observed in monetary gains in the market. Another critical challenge is the lack of human resources in terms of competences, knowledge, and abilities.

How Delta Electronics supporting businesses and industries towards energy saving

We understand the growing concern of businesses and industries towards energy cost optimization. We are a global company that spends 6 to 8% on R & D and is constantly focused on developing technologies and solutions where the objective is to provide variable applications and solutions that can support the growing industry demand and are sustainable.

And carrying the same belief, we have been consistently strengthening the industrial demand with its diversified cutting-edge technology with a portfolio of energy-efficient solutions. We offer IoT compliant products that can support businesses and industries in reducing energy consumption with our variable frequency drive, Power Quality Systems, AFE (Active Front End), and Power Meter.

Businesses and industries are exploring opportunities that can help them improve their bottomline in the current economy where they see low or declining revenues; thus, the focus is to look at the operation cost and make them more efficient. Energy cost is one such factor that has a significant proportion of the operating cost and is often not appropriately managed at a central level due to its distribution across multiple levels in businesses and industries. The industrial internet of things (#IIoT) can support them in increasing the bottom line for business and improve the range of services they offer. We offer PLC, HMI, IPC, PPC, Dialink, Smart Sensors, Form Factor supporting the IIoT infrastructure.

In renewable energy solutions, we at Delta offer the comprehensive product range of high efficient indoor and outdoor solar inverters, accessories, and services to our partners and installers and the best photovoltaic systems to maximize profit. We identify the emerging trends and adapt them to suit the changing demand of the market. Our new Renewable Power Inverters (RPI) and megawatt inverters have a wide range of frequency and voltage tolerances, single and dual Maximum Power Point Tracking topologies with a dynamic and adaptive algorithm to give higher efficiencies coupled with competitive pricing.

Along with a structured workforce, we also focus on hosting technical workshops and seminars to keep our customers updated with the latest technology and solutions contributing to their personal and professional growth. The same is being hosted for channel partners and stakeholders to keep them aware of the latest offerings and industry know-how.

Being a market leader, our focus is not just to increase sales but also to build a relationship of trust with our prestigious customer by delivering the commitment of ultimate customer satisfaction.

We are one of the very few companies in our space in India who have and provide service even at the component level with one large facility in Gurugram. Besides, a reliable service quality assurance team seeks a lot of feedback at the product level, which is then used to improve the product. Our field application engineers spread across India give first-hand information of any product or application issues.
In our endeavor to be a strong catalyst in India ‘s growth story, we are partnering with various GOI’s initiative like “E-Mobility Mission,” “Smart Cities Mission,” “Vocal for Local,” and “Make in India” as we lead with our vision of Delta Powering Green India. Our manufacturing plants in Gurgaon and Hosur is our testimony of commitment strengthening the industry ecosystem. At our Hosur plant, we are manufacturing AC Motor Drive and more supporting the nation’s journey towards Self ReliantIndia with Vocal for Local vision. Further, with our upcoming plant in Krishnagiri, more products will be added to localize the production and export, reinforcing the company’s contribution towards Make in India initiative.

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