OutD DCPS-INV Space for Battery & TX

OutD DCPS-INV Space for Battery & TX2020-10-04T16:59:31+00:00

Delta OD Enclosure consisting of High efficiency DPR 850B series power system to deliver 50A DC power 1KVA/2KVA AC Power and related power distribution unit under the control of Control and Supervisory Unit. Inverter in the enclosure is provided with inbuilt static switch. User can operate the system via the user friendly LED interface. OD Enclosure is designed to accommodate the suitable battery bank for backup & transmission equipment and its effective heat dissipation.

Main features

  • Forecd Air Cooled IP55 Compliant OD Enclosure.
  • Space for battery and TX equipment.
  • Inbuilt DCPS with Distribution.
  • Compact design, saves valuable floor space .
  • Inverter of 1KVA.


IP Protection IP55
Cooling Fan Cooled
Cooling Specs 2 *120CFM/48VDC
Available space 3U
Space for battery 620 * 640 * 600 mm (H*W*D)
Controller PSC 3 or CSU 502 option
Rectifier 96%, DPR 850B-48
DC Power 2.55KW
AC Power 1KVA/2KVA
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