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We at Delta Group’s have conceptualized the benefit of integrating our product solutions with our service. With our global leadership and in depth understanding of telecom industry, we offer our quality services whether be it a site optimization, power solution integration, installation and commission or project management services. With our focus on the telecom domain, our global service network and technical expertise help you to build or manage critical and challenging telecom sites.

Site Optimization Solution

All segment of telecommunication network wireless, cable or satellite employ new age sophisticated equipments to ensure fast service with reliability to their customer. Majority of these equipments are deployed in remote and largely unmanned sites. The architecture of the network is very specific to the locations, local buildings, zoning regulations and environmental policies. While these equipments vary in their type and requirement they all are very critical to keep the site running 24×7 with uncompromised safety and security. The operators face these challenges while setting up a remote telecom site. The challenges get complicated with managing multiple vendors for a single site. Overall this leads to longer time to market, increased project management cost, wastage of resource and averagely efficient site.

It is very evident that if your CAPEX on telecom site is not managed properly it will result in higher OPEX in run. To combat these grave issues Delta Group offers you with their expert site optimization service. With Delta’s Global exposure and experience you can be sure to be in safe hands. We offer a systematic approach of site optimization which starts from the site designing, planning to execution. We identify the best possible design , compatible system integration , network power building all as a single window service to help you achieve operational excellence , cost efficiency and lowest ‘time to market’. All these benefits come with green technologies delivering maximum efficiency, reducing your OPEX considerably being environment friendly.

Our operation follows systematic steps of project planning, advance site designing, pre launch optimization, acceptance testing and final delivery. With this fail safe mode you get the best of site minus the headache.

Also this helps you reducing your resource cost on man power, vendor management, wiring and cable wastage, space wastage and most importantly wastage of time.

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