PC-Based Motion Control Solution

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Motion Control SolutionDelta’s PC-Based Motion Control Solution is a cost effective platform with high reliability, integrated network communication capability, and high-end motion control functions for advanced automation applications. This solution is composed of Delta’s programmable automation controllers (PAC), motion control cards and various remote modules to enable better synchronization with either DMCNET or EtherCAT communication. It offers high response and high precision control for more flexible operation and automation machinery applications, and is ideal for high-performance multi-axis and synchronous motion control.

With either a DMCNET or an EtherCAT networking interface, using Delta’s PC-Based Motion Control Solution rapidly connects to various peripheral devices, such as servo motors, remote digital I/O and analog modules, stepping motors, and linear motors. It also features simple wiring, quick installation, fast communication and superior performance, while requiring less integration effort. Supporting fieldbus verification and validation software, the PC-Based Motion Control Solution makes all the relevant parameters of the fieldbus communication segment and hardware system easily configurable. No need for third-party software and set-up costs.

Delta offers a complete PC-Based Motion Control Solution that provides enhanced stability, flexible extension capabilities and versatile operation to satisfy a variety of requirements for automating industries.

What are the parts of Motion Control System?2020-09-30T06:26:25+00:00

Motion Control System consist of three parts: Controller + Servo Drive + Servo Motor.

Controllers are of different types based on command signals they generates.

In one of the type controller is a PLC based device generates different type of command signals such as pulse, analog and torque command to control the servo drive and servo motor operations.

Other type of controllers are also known as motion controllers which controls the servo drive and motor operations over motion bus commands such as CanOpen, DMCNET and EtherCAT.

How Motion Control System drives mechanisms?2020-09-30T06:27:23+00:00

Controller commands servo drive then Servo drives amplify and transmits electric current to a servo motor which produce motion in terms rotations of the motor shaft. This rotary motion used to operate the mechanisms of the machines ex. Ball Screw, Rack and Pinion, Belt and Pulley etc.

What are different Motion bus systems available in Delta?2020-09-30T06:29:08+00:00

CanOpen, DMCNET and EtherCAT three types of motion bus available in Delta.

CanOpen: 1Mbps communication speed motion bus available with DS301 & DS402 motion protocols and can communicate with Delta AS200/AS300/DVP15MC etc CanOpen controllers as well as Third party controllers.

DMCNET: Delta Motion Control NETwork proprietary motion bus available with 10Mbps communication speed and can communicate with Delta Motion/CNC DMCNET controllers only.

EtherCAT: 100Mbps communication speed motion bus available with CoE motion protocols and can communicate with Delta DVP50MC/AH/DXMC etc EtherCAT controllers as well as Third party EtherCAT controllers.

How many servo drives Delta Motion Controller can control?2020-09-30T06:30:39+00:00

CanOpen: DVP15MC can control up to 24 axes CanOpen servo

EtherCAT: Delta DVP50MC has two modules to control 8 axes and up to 24 axes EtherCAT servo

Delta DXMC motion controller has different modules; can control 8, 12, 16 & 32 axes EtherCAT servo

Delta AX8 CodeSys Motion Controller can control up to 64 axes EtherCAT servo

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