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Basic Multifunction Pressure SensorDelta’s Basic Multifunction Pressure Sensor DPB Series is strictly designed for actual demand fulfillment, and offers high-performance applications for low cost. The DPB Series offers 6 types of globally adopted pressure units for measurement and display. The large LCD with a green, red and orange 3-color LCD display allows users to set the display color according to the ambient environment. In addition, a safety control mode prevents operators from carelessly touching relevant parameters and affecting equipment during production. With the advantages of powerful applications and cost-effectiveness, the DPB Series can be generally applied in the mechanical processing industry, food packaging industry, electronic components industry, solar energy industry, semiconductor industry, and automatic assembly industry.


  • Various unit conversion functions
  • 10 sets of output response times available
  • Various output modes
  • 3 sets of color display
  • Fast zero reset
  • Safety control function
  • Easy code display
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