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SCADA System DIAView2020-10-07T05:11:18+00:00

DIAView SCADA systemDelta’s DIAView SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) system is an industrial automation management system for providing real-time system control, gathering information and carrying out analysis for remote monitoring and control, implementing system management and production line visualization, and increasing overall plant efficiency and capacity. The DIAView SCADA system can be widely applied in industries such as machinery, metallurgy, water treatment, HVAC, packaging, central heating control, environmental monitoring, textiles, energy management, transportation, smart buildings and others.

What is a SCADA ?2020-09-30T07:47:24+00:00

SCADA – Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition System. It is a computer based monitor / control system, which is communicate with PLC / other control devices, which is directly connect to field devices.

SCADA is communicate the process parameters (define by operator) to PLC / control device. Then PLC / Control device act accordingly to achieve the desire result.

Which Communication Delta SCADA supports?2020-09-30T07:48:20+00:00

Delta SCADA have inbuilt third party communication drivers which is mostly used in industries.
i.e. Modicon, Allen Bradley, Mitsubishi, Siemens & Omron.
SCADA Support – OPC “UA” & OPC “UA”

Is SCADA support Authorization?2020-09-30T07:49:31+00:00

Delta SCADA is supporting multilevel security as per authorization define by supervisor / manager. We can add more than 10 users.

What is reporting structure?2020-09-30T08:59:09+00:00

In Delta SCADA we can do reporting – Time base / Event base.

Event base – up to thirty type of event we can accounting standards in our reporting.

Which chart Delta SCADA is supports?2020-09-30T08:39:26+00:00

SCADA support the XY chart, Column Chart, Pie Chart, “3D” pie chart.

History Report –

Reporting we can customized as per our requirement with the help of “VB” Scripting-

Alarm information, Operation Record, System Event & History variable.

Shift report, Day Report, Weekly, Monthly & yearly.

Range of Panel PC (PPC)?2020-09-30T08:40:14+00:00

We have two range in PPC

  • Wide range of PPC – 10” to 21” resistive touch with J1900 processor.
  • 15”, “17”, “19” & “21” in I3 & I5 processor with 256 & 512 GB storage.
Can we increase the RAM & ROM in PPC?2020-09-30T08:42:14+00:00

Yes, we can increase the RAM & ROM in PPC as per recommended in manual.

Range of Industrial Box PC (IPC)?2020-09-30T08:43:20+00:00

Delta have four variant in kitty –

  1. Embedded – with N335 Processor
  2. Standard – with J1900 Processor
  3. Advance – With i3 & I5 processor
  4. Professional – With I3 , I5 & I7 Processor.
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