Dec 06, 2022
Working on multiple products and solutions for 5G era
Working on multiple products and solutions for 5G era2022-12-15T06:13:27+00:00

Delta Communications and Information Solutions, a major player in the communications sector providing telecom power solutions in 28 circles and in tough terrains, including North Eastern states and Ladakh and Andaman-Nicobar Islands is ramping up its R&D.

The company is building a global R&D center in Bengaluru, which will host 500 high-tech headcount. Delta spends 6% of the group’s revenues on R&D every year. Currently, Delta’s telecom division is running with three R&D centres, in Taiwan, Norway, and Bengaluru.

While there are speculations around 3G and 4G technologies becoming obsolete in the coming years, Rajesh Kaushal, business head, Delta Communications and Information Solutions, choose to differ.

“Data suggests that there are still 350 million 2G subscribers in India. They are the ones using simple phones for voice calls. With the cost of feature phones coming down every year, we can expect a good share to shift to 4G services from this base. There are still many poor or no network points in India, for which the government is launching special projects with the help of state-owned operators to directly launch 4G services. Shutting down 2G with current dynamics should still take three to four years. 4G penetration is high and stands at close to 80%. It is here to stay for the coming years and could be used as an alternate to 5G as a pricing strategy by operators,” he said.

However, this doesn’t affect the scope of 5G technology with respect to penetrating the existing user base and creating newer avenues. While 3G technology came and went away unnoticed, 5G will not be the same. It will not only serve 1.2 billion existing subscribers but also attract new enterprise customers or sectors such as manufacturing industries, healthcare, automobiles, education and agriculture.

“We are working on multiple products and solutions, both for greenfield (fresh roll-out) and brownfield (replacement) requirements. There is a huge amount of aging inventory in the field, which needs to be upgraded in terms of improving efficiencies and replacement of end-of-life products. The new intelligent Total Power Solution (iTPS) offers a modular, simplified, and one-footprint solution for the overall power needs of any telecom site. It offers automation of electric sources, power conversion, renewable energy and remote communication. The new micro-grid solution takes input from the grid, diesel generators and solar power systems to deliver a stable output to load using high-efficiency rectifiers (97% and 98% efficiencies), MPPT and inverters with power backup from li-ion batteries,” said Kaushal.

Even though the launch of 5G was delayed due to the pandemic, its rollout in India will allow swifter adoption as infrastructure and ecosystem providers gear up for the next phase of transition. “We can expect the Indian telecom ecosystem to be at par globally by 2024. However, if we consider the usage of 5G services, India will definitely rule the world. We are the world’s largest data consumer with 15 GB per user per month. This is just a number; it will keep on increasing as we add more towers and start practicing new use cases,” said Kaushal.

The interview was published in Times of India