Netmagic Chose Delta Modular UPS Solutions

Netmagic Chose Delta Modular UPS Solutions2020-08-27T05:56:23+00:00

It was established as a provider of mission-critical hosting requirements. It brings in-depth experience in managing IT infrastructure for over 2000 enterprise customers with more than 10,000 devices under management and eight world-class data centers in Chennai, Bengaluru, Mumbai and Delhi.


Application: Data Center
Customer Needs:

  • 1 MW– 18 nos. UPS for DC 7 Mumbai.

Delta’s Solution: Modulon DPH Gen.2 Series UPS

  • DPH 600kVA *36 Pcs in flexi pod architecture
  • Integrated Input Output Panel for single input single output configuration
  • Batteries: 12V 1000 MRXF*176

Installation Site: Mumbai, India